“The rise of STDs and STIs is a concern for me,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman. “I’m also concerned about bullying in our schools and that there’s been a long history of stigmatization of our students in the LGBTQ community.”
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One in 10 older adults will be a victim of elder abuse. This five-part series explores the different types of elder abuse — including resident-on-resident aggression, financial abuse, sexual abuse, scams and the intersection between victims of elder abuse and those with disabilities.
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Mexico Auctions State And Crime-Owned Properties
For years, the Mexican government has auctioned properties taken from criminals. The current administration is also auctioning dozens of state-owned properties, including places where drug lords were arrested or killed.
54 minutes ago
Scottsdale Conservation Center Gets Influx Of Baby Animals
An influx of wild animals have arrived at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale — and many of them are orphaned babies. This time last year the center housed approximately 90 animals, and today they have close to 200.
1 hour ago
Dams Could Protect Ranchers From Drought, But Could They Also Make It Worse?
More dams along the Green River, a main branch of the Colorado River, could help Wyoming ranchers survive the coming droughts, but some scientists say building more dams might actually worsen the effects of climate change.
1 hour ago
Gov. Ducey Signs Maternal Health Research Bill
Governor Doug Ducey on Friday signed into law a bill that would begin a data-gathering process on women in Arizona who died during and after childbirth. Dr. Rahul Gupta with March of Dimes says ethnicity and race can be a determining factor in whether a mother will survive childbirth or not.
Pipeline Funding Bill Passed In Congress, Awaits Senate
The city of Nogales, Arizona has been footing a large portion of the bill to repair the binational pipeline that connects it to its Mexican counterpart, but an amendment passed in Congress may help change that.
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For These Young, Nontraditional College Students, Adulting Is A Requirement
They are early-risers and hard-workers. Some are the first in their family to go to college. Many are financially independent from their parents. Meet the "nontraditional" college students of today.
Her husband was jailed overnight after police said he rammed his vehicle into hers. She was jailed for six days after she allegedly broke into his home, took his guns and gave them to law enforcement.
Analysis: The Politics Of National Humiliation In The Trump-Xi Meeting
Under the Communist Party's ideological reeducation of China's population, humiliation by foreign powers forms an emotional underpinning of the country's national identity.
How To Start A Revolution
Revolutions don't just happen. A data-driven approach to studying activism suggests two characteristics can vastly increase chances of success.
Redemption After #MeToo?
A growing number of high-profile men brought down by the #MeToo movement are now attempting to make a comeback, stirring debate on second chances for those who have lost their jobs.